Illinois Wellness & Weight Loss Centers

We specialize in helping clients/patients to achieve optimal health and wellness by using four approaches to weight loss & management: nutrition, exercise, behavioral modification and physician-supervised medical therapy.

Our patients learn to adapt healthy lifestyles to maintain permanent results.

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We chose to partner with IDLife because of its customized approach to your nutritional needs.

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@ncatsuaggies Mar 09, 22:47

Happy Founder's Day #NCAT!

@ILWeightLoss Feb 28, 13:40

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Congratulations @ncatsuaggies! You're #2 on our Best Historically Black Colleges ranking! #HBCU

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All January long Sundays at 4pm at 9933 s Western Ave. Chicago, IL we are committing to our…

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If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but…

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Renew... Refocus... Resolve... To Live Well in 2018!!! Call us today!

@ILWeightLoss Dec 28, 22:43

Renew... Refocus... Resolve... To Live Well in 2018!!! Call us today!

@ILWeightLoss Dec 21, 01:20

Meet Alicia! Goal crusher of the day. She surpassed her weight loss goal this year to lose a…

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Our winners of our meal prep raffle. @ Illinois Wellness & Weight Loss Centers

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Join us as we learn the art of healthy affordable meal planning and preparation Saturday,…

@Marist_GTennis Nov 05, 19:31

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Join Dr. Johnson as we discuss obesity and breast cancer this Saturday 10/28 8am at Ridge Park 9625 s Longwood. WW…

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@Marist_GTennis @IHSA_IL Yes!!! Congrats Ladies. Woo-hoo two-time State Qualifier Caitlyn Foggie! Let's go!!!!!!

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@Marist_GTennis @10s_Coach Happy Birthday Coach! 🎉

@Marist_GTennis Oct 07, 01:12

Foggie/Rabianski just clinched their way into the #Conference Championship at #1 doubles! 👊🏼🎟 #LETSGO

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Thank you, Seniors, for your #dedication and #leadership in @Marist_GTennis! Great win today and overall time at…

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Schedule your mammogram today.

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Attending the Aesthetic Innovation Tour with Dr. R Stephen Muholland #discoveryourbeautiful #livewellbydesign

@ILWeightLoss Sep 07, 16:30

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month - Help your kids get active! Use these tips to reduce their screen time.

@ILWeightLoss Aug 31, 00:52

Let us take the guess work out of your weight loss program. Check out our back to school specials.

@ILWeightLoss Aug 29, 19:20

Tuesday Tip: When when ur having a craving get distracted. Go for a walk, play a game on ur phone or call a friend. #HealthyEating

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Did u know we have gluten free products and supplements? Check us out

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What's your favorite fitness app?

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No days off! @ Beverly, Chicago

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Our support and prayers go out to all the residents of Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Have u taken our no obligation health assessment on our website